eShibobo Cape Town!eShibobo Cape Town!

Published: 08th June 2010
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It is my second day in South Africa, and up until now, I have been having an absolute blast or jol- as the locals would say. My bags are all packed, my plane ticket for Cape Town confirmed, but there is one last thing I need to do before I shake Johannesburg's dust off my feat, namely rent a proper wireless internet device... Good-bye snailmail, hallo world! Finding a wireless AirCard, was not too much of a hassle, but deciding which local wireless internet service provider to use, was a horse of a different color. Though my time was quite limited, I still shopped around before making my final decision. I decided to go with the Vodacom AirCard, as Vodacom seems to be the dominating service provider, having the best network coverage over the country.

Armed with my new wireless AirCard, I boarded the plane for Cape Town, ready to continue on my World Cup adventure. The flight between Johannesburg and Cape Town went unbelievably fast, and before I knew it, we were fastening our seatbelts, preparing for the landing. Looking out the airplane window, I caught my first glance at Table Mountain, standing in all its glory. Like a tablecloth, clouds covered the top of the mountain, to unveil the panoramic beauty of the flora covering the mountain.

Boarding one of the waiting taxis, I made my way in to town to book myself a room at one of the many luxurious hotels in the vicinity. It was already latish in the afternoon, so I thought to relax in my room, catching up with family and friends, before I go out for a night on the town. It was much later the evening when I finally made my way to the Vaudeville Club. According to the site, Vaudeville is one of those clubs where everyone can only have fun.

With high expectations I walked into the Vaudeville Club, I was not disappointed. I am actually struggling to give a true description of the place. For a moment it felt like I was swallowed up in a circus fairytale. The atmosphere was warm, full of mystery. There was a bit of everything, stilt walkers, hula dancers, trapeze acts, and much more, all this in the backdrop of a restaurant with an oversized dance floor. Vaudeville gives one the experience of visiting a restaurant, the circus, and night club all in one! Needles to say, I had a ball of a time, mingling with the locals and making new friends. Great club to visit, I would definitely come here again.

Totally partied out, I dragged my butt back to my hotel room for a couple of hours sleep, for tomorrow is a new day, with new adventures. See ya later.

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